Commissioning an artwork, whether it’s of a family member, friend, or beloved pet is a special thing to do.  It might be for yourself and your family to enjoy for years to come, or for someone else as a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

On this page you will find information about my prices, what those prices include and most importantly how it all works.  I will tell you what I need from you and what you can expect from me, with the aim of removing some of the things that may be holding you back from getting in touch about what is a fun and exciting event.  

I strongly believe that everyone should be able to commission an original artwork if they wish to, with this in mind I always offer the option of paying by instalments - no matter the cost of the work.  This arrangement is agreed privately between us at a rate that suits you.  Once full payment has been made the work is all yours!  It will be carefully packaged and we can arrange its safe delivery to your desired destination, or you’re welcome to come and collect it from me in person and view the studio.  

I offer two different price ranges: “Keepsake” portraits are painted over a shorter period of time, these tend to focus mainly on the subjects face and are fun and dynamic.  “Future Heirloom” portraits can take from weeks to months to produce, these are detailed and more complex including interesting aspects of clothing and other items associated with the subject and its composition.   The two ranges aim to ensure that there should be something to suit all budgets and tastes - bespoke sizes are available on request for those who have something or somewhere specific in mind. 

Happy browsing!   Kitty

4 Hour Portrait £150

Painted in 4 hours, these energetic head studies make wonderful gifts or mementos.  The size (25x30cm) means they will fit in a range of spaces in your home.  They can be hung framed or unframed and are easily shipped worldwide. This option is also available for pet portraits.

Keepsake Small Portrait £350

An oil on canvas painting measuring approximately 25x30cm. This portrait will principally show the subjects face, and are the perfect size for any home.

Keepsake Portrait £650

This larger portrait is approximately 40x50cm and will depict the subjects face and torso.  Children are frequently photographed in bright colours and patterned clothing, a loose rendition of their clothing will be acknowledged in the painting but more time is given to capturing their likeness.  

Keepsake Double Portrait £800

The option of a 40x40cm canvas is available for those wanting a portrait of two subjects together; these work particularly well for couples or siblings.  This is the smallest size I offer for double portraits as it affords me the space needed to be able to get a true likeness of them.  The composition will usually consist of both face and torso, and a sense of interaction between them, but the focus is principally given to their faces   


Future Heirlooms are an art investment, there to be passed down through the generations for years to come.  These detailed precision portraits are painted at 3/4 life size or larger, and whilst detailed in style they still retain a softness and a painterly feel.  

A painting like the example image shown would be £4500 painted on a 75x60cm canvas - my preferred starting size for adults and teens.  Other sizes and prices are available, along with the option of having multiple subjects, and the inclusion of pets or other subject relevant objects.

In the early stages of the commissioning process we will have a comprehensive discussion about the portrait, where it will be hung, size, the kind of frame you have in mind and whether it will sit alongside other portraits and most importantly about the subject of the portrait themselves.

Good quality, high resolution photographs of the sitter allow me to view every aspect of the composition in the level of detail required to create these detailed portraits.  I currently work from the images you provide me with - ideally these should be of a studio portrait quality i.e. taken by a professional photographer (always with the photographers knowledge and consent) or of equal quality.  For UK customers, I am working on options for taking these photographs myself with either an in person visit to me, or me to you - this should be available later in 2024.


Commissioning a drawing or painting is a relatively simple process. I work from high resolution digital images of your chosen subject that you supply me with. These can be emailed or sent to me via one of my social media platforms, which means that I am able to work with clients world wide.  For UK clients considering commissioning a Future Heirloom, I am currently working on options for you to visit me or for me to visit you to take the relevant photographs to create the portrait - this option should be available in 2024.

The photo needs to be as in focus and as detailed as possible. The higher resolution and quality the photo is, the better I can create an accurate representation for you. If possible I prefer multiple images in addition to your preferred one.  This allows me to better understand and represent your subjects unique features and more accurately gauge skin tone, eye and hair colour etc.
If you're not sure which photo would be best to work from, that's no problem, I will happily guide you through the pro's and cons of each photo you send to me and give you an idea of what will work.  

I have worked with clients across the globe to produce portraits and will happily provide progress shots at regular intervals to those who wish to receive them.

Portraits can take a minimum of one week to one month to produce depending on size, complexity of the composition, the number of subjects being portrayed.  

Oil paintings require time to dry. Much like gloss paint they can be touch dry within days however remain soft just under that surface for far longer. Please allow a minimum of one month drying time before your painting will be ready to transport. Extra time to dry may be required for pieces needing to be sent via courier, and very occasionally the weather can impact drying time too.