Kitty Bellamy

“I have come to realise I adore painting people, but I love to paint children, there’s an undeniable innocence and unselfconscious energy that they exude which I really enjoy trying to capture.  Children are rarely thinking about how to look when a camera is pointed at them, they are free of that worry or if they are aware they play to it in a way we adults rarely do.  It doesn’t matter if they are playing and being silly, or if you catch them in a contemplative moment, for me, children make amazing subjects.

Occasionally I get to paint whatever catches my interest personally, and my subjects tend to veer towards women and a sense of trying to unpick the emotions which are so often concealed behind the barriers we feel the need to project to society at large.  In this age of social media where we are bombarded with photographs that are manipulated and staged, I try to scratch beneath that surface layer of gloss to reveal a moment of something real, to what they were really feeling in that moment.”

About the Artist

Kitty Bellamy has spent her life making works of art which have varied in subject and style as she evolved and honed her skills. She now concentrates her time on producing portraits in a painterly representational style, and particularly enjoys working on a large scale; the use of light and shadow, and latterly playing with adding gold leaf or bold colours in the background to heighten the sense of illumination.  

The majority of Kitty’s portfolio is comprised of commissioned works, though she loves spending time pushing her boundaries, honing and improving her skills, and is constantly striving to create a likeness that maintains a painterly feel but has a sense of realism.  She says she knows when a piece is finished because it feels to her as though the person might move at any moment.    

Kitty was born in Kent, England. With an arts heritage going back over six generations, she followed her innate creative flare and in 2001 undertook a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at KIAD (Canterbury). After graduating, Kitty left the art world to pursue other interests, returning to the arts in 2007 after the birth of her first daughter and continued to paint.  Kitty is now based in York, England.

I’m at my happiest when I’m in my studio, playing with paint and trying to capture the essence of what makes a portrait look and feel like the person it’s supposed to be"

Kitty Bellamy